Chernobyl lessons to be remembered

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development launches special Chernobyl-25 website

The new portal contains information on the international effort to transform the Chernobyl nuclear power plant into an ecologically friendly site. It also publishes news and previews of events related to work at the plant, in addition to topical interviews, press releases and information dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Some pages are devoted to the history of Chernobyl, which was first mentioned in 1193. Its photo gallery features those taken in 1986, after the collapse, and chronicles events from the date on which the plant stopped operations, until the present time. Models of the new ‘confinement shell’ being built over the existing ‘shelter’ are available for 3D viewing.

In April 2011, Kiev will host an international scientific-practical conference entitled 25 Years of Chernobyl Disaster: Safety for the Future. It aims to show how we can learn from Chernobyl, ensuring the security of nuclear energy and other hazardous technologies, while protecting people and the environment from emergencies.

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