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German Energy Agency Dena ready to co-operate with Belarus on climate change issues

German Energy Agency Dena ready to co-operate with Belarus on climate change issues

“We understand that issues of climate change can only be addressed by increasing energy efficiency. Moreover, this should be a global effort. It’s the only way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. With regard to Belarus’ achievements in this area, we can see that the country has been dealing with the problems it faces in a resolute and consistent way,” Dena Agency Director Kristina Haverkamp has told journalists.

The German Energy Agency is ready to intensify interaction in other areas, explains Ms. Haverkamp, saying, “Belarus is facing challenges that relate to energy efficiency, reformatting and reforming the energy sector. These issues are coupled with the need to ensure a reliable electricity supply. We’re working on these issues both at Government level and at the level of experts.”

Referring to Belarusian legislation in the field of renewable energy, she adds that this corresponds to the principles upon which the German regulatory framework has been built. “According to our observations, the Belarusian Government has contributed to the development of renewable energy in the same way as the German Government. However, Belarus has needed to adjust its network infrastructure, to develop renewable energy. Germany has ensured the production of renewable energy simultaneously with the development of associated infrastructure. We believe this was one of the reasons for changes in Belarusian renewable energy legislation,” notes Ms. Haverkamp.

Minsk recently hosted the Belarusian-German Energy Forum for the fourth time. The event included panel discussions to exchange experience in the area of energy systems and renewable energy resources, as well as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in buildings. Participants visited a number of facilities in the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

The Belarusian-German Energy Forum was organised by the representation of the German economy in Belarus, under the auspices of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany.

By Vladimir Khromov
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