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Minsk won’t be extended beyond the city ring road

Capital won’t be extended beyond the city ring road

Minsk won’t be extended beyond the borders of the Minsk ring road and the city will be made more comfortable for its residents
Minsk won’t be extended beyond the borders of the Minsk ring road and the city will be made more comfortable for its residents. This was noted during the report made to Alexander Lukashenko about development plans for the capital and the adjoining territories of the Minsk Region.

According to the President, local residents should be aware in which direction their city will be developed. Mr. Lukashenko was keen to learn about city development plans and achievements and had a number of instructions aimed at activating construction rates on sites, ensuring a rational use of funds and bringing things to order in some regions.

In line with the new general plan of the city, which was explained in detail by the Minsk City Executive Committee, the population will be stabilised in the Belarusian capital at the level of 2m. All natural farmland will be preserved, with only a forest area from the south-eastern side of the Minsk Sea to be added to the city boundaries.

“This law is correct from the point of view of land preservation. Moreover, Minsk should be spacious and able to breathe. If we crowd the city with high-rise buildings along the ring road it will suffocate,” said the President.

The current general plan envisaged the increase of Minsk’s square up to 54,000 hectares. However, they rejected this idea in favour of keeping the capital city confined within the boundaries of the Minsk ring road. Moreover, city builders hope that until 2030, the Minsk population will rise by 100-200 thousand people.

“We take this into account in our work and we’d like to redistribute this growth into the satellite towns,” explains the chief architect of the capital, Pavel Luchinovich.

As far as the city is concerned, there are plans to construct on over 2,000 hectares of city and district parks. Modern facilities with recreational, office, sport and housing infrastructure will be commissioned in various corners of the capital. Minsk’s transport network will also receive additional development, including the underground. City builders also plan to create and arrange additional parking places aimed at freeing the streets of the capital from excess transport.

Mr. Luchinovich assured everyone that ‘the city will receive top level services and comfortable conditions for its residents will be created’.

“Minsk is the face of our country. Let’s leave it a beautiful and worthy city after we are gone,” noted Mr. Lukashenko.

By Victor Ponomarev
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