Capital plans to more actively promote itself

British could be chosen to create Minsk brand

By Andrey Anufriev

A London-based company has negotiated with the Minsk City Executive Committee regarding the creation of a brand for the Belarusian capital. Yelena Plis, the Director of the Minsk Information and Tourism Centre, tells us that the British company is very keen, suggesting an image and slogan, hand-picked colours and printing fonts. “Any unusual image could be chosen, with the final decision made by experts, following a contest,” Ms. Plis explains.

If the British company wins the tender, it will hold seminars for state bodies and businesses, explaining how Minsk could be promoted abroad and how the brand could be used in advertising brochures and posters. It could decorate public transport terminals, among other sites.

“First and foremost, the Belarusian capital needs is its own brand for the upcoming 2014 IIHF World Championship,” Ms. Plis adds.

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