Business and authorities to conduct dialogue

5th international forum in Minsk to open Global Entrepreneurship Week

5th international forum in Minsk to open Global Entrepreneurship Week

Few would refute that dialogue is the best way to find solutions to problems. On November 16th, the 5th International Forum of Entrepreneurship will host open conversation between the state and businesses.

The forum, which opens Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus, will bring together businessmen, ministers, ambassadors, banking experts, and representatives of investment funds and international associations.

We can assume that, this year, the forum will be both intensive and efficient: for the first time in over five years, state representatives will be speaking on acute issues, answering questions of concern to the business world.

In particular, the forum will set out a forecast for the next five years, while giving advice on accessing financing and new instruments available for the support of small and medium-sized businesses in Belarus.

Of course, representatives of the business community will be keen to hear from international experts regarding trends in innovative business. A new generation of entrepreneurs is up and coming, seeking a successful development strategy during these turbulent times.

This year, the Development Bank joined in organising the forum. Dmitry Lipsky, the Head of the Development Bank’s Financial-Economic Department, notes, “We‘ve been established with one goal: the promotion of economic development. We see huge potential in entrepreneurship and, in our opinion, the Global Week will help reveal this. The 5th International Forum will tackle prospects for entrepreneurial development from the point of view of the state. We’ll engage in active dialogue, and are ready to discuss acute problems. No topics will be forbidden and we won’t proclaim empty slogans. If the authorities promise something at the event, they’ll make every effort to bring these promises to life.”

By Alexander Pimenov
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