‘Busel’, ‘Grach’, ‘Strizh’ and others

Belarus’ first batch of pilotless aircraft launched at National Academy of Sciences’ Physical-Technical Institute, in Minsk

By Anna Overyanova

The first batch of domestic ultra-light pilotless aircraft has been produced, including the ‘Busel’ craft, weighing around 6kg. It uses the most advanced fine precision mechanics, optimal control methods, optics and other innovations, while being able to fly at up to 100km/h for up to an hour. Its electrical engine ensures an almost noiseless flight and it should be perfect for monitoring missions.

The range of Belarusian pilotless aircraft also includes the ‘Strizh’, ‘Grach’ and ‘Mishen’, each differing in purpose and function. They are designed for wide application: from forecasting emergency situations, making atmospheric and meteorological observations and the prevention of unsanctioned forest devastation and poaching, to state border control and traffic monitoring. Scientists are now studying demand for the devices, negotiating with potential customers. At present, supplies are headed primarily to the domestic market but the innovation is sure to become an export success.

The range is being further improved, with medium and large classes currently under design by the Physical-Technical Institute. In particular, a 100kg model is being created — more functional and stronger than its predecessors, enabling it to cover longer distances at greater speed.

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