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Corporate identity of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk-2014 worked out
The trademark of the festival is, as ever, at its heart.

“Honestly speaking, this year we have fleshed out its elements with living neon colors,” they say at the ‘Vitebsk’ Cultural Centre. “When people look at the festival posters, they will get various associations. For example, they can see fireworks in the festival sky, the fly-away skirts of the dancers or even a cornflower.”

The corporate identity of the festival has been created by Darya Volkova — commercial artist at the centre.

The corporate identity of the festival is traditionally used by the decoration of print and video production and the making of souvenirs, as well as on tickets, posters, diplomas, accreditation cards, T-shirts and postcards. Advertising clips of presentation are being created also in this style.
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