Biography of Berestie filled with great historical events

Photo exhibition at Archaeological Museum illustrates major milestones of its creation
By Olga Kobyakova

The new exhibition Berestie Archaeological Museum: History. Modernity. Prospects coincides with the 30th anniversary of the opening of the museum, featuring never-before seen photos of the museum — from excavation to the present day. The last significant event in the history of the museum was captured in May, when the museum welcomed its three millionth visitors. Sketches of plans for the extension of the museum are on show, with the area adjoining the museum earmarked for a display of the excavations below: a fragment of the fortress wall, pavements and potter and blacksmith workshops.

The museum celebrated its 30th anniversary with a major cultural programme of demonstrations and master classes of traditional crafts (including the opportunity to buy crafts souvenirs). The One Day in a Duke’s Life demonstration showed techniques in using medieval weapons, while guests were entertained by medieval music and dancing, performed by historical clubs. Themed games, contests and quizzes also created a lively atmosphere.

The Berestie Archaeological Museum opened on March 2nd, 1982, following excavations in 1968. It is the only museum in Europe to show a medieval Eastern Slavic city, being located on the site of Volyn Fort (Brest Fortress) — where the city was founded. The central part hosts excavations covering over 1,000 square metres, four metres deep. The craft quarter includes the wooden walls of 28 log buildings (single-storey, using conifer logs), two street pavements, fences and the remains of wattle and daub stoves (11-13th century). The 14 rooms of the museum boast archaeological finds from the 11-14th century, revealing the economic and cultural life of the ancient city, with its crafts and trade. Visitors can learn of planning and building, its handicrafts and history.
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