“BеSТ” Gets on for a Contact

The Belarusian state-owned mobile operator "BeST" has signed up its first subscribers
The close JSC "Belarusian Telecommunications Network" has launched its commercial services of mobile GSM 900/1800 network in Minsk where it opened its first subscriber service centre.

Its Director General, Mikhail Demchenko, was quoted as saying that today the commutator capacity of “BeST” stands at 150,000 subscribers. As soon as in March 2006 the commutator’s capacity can be increased. alongside with the enhancing number of its subscribers its capacity can be increased up to 3 mln subscribers.

According to Director General of “Best”, in March 2006 they are going to extend network coverage to all the regional centres and the auto-road leading from Minsk to the National Airport "Minsk-2". Besides, all the next year will be devoted to providing coverage on the major roads of the country and the border crossing points.

Within three years the GSM operator is to expand its mobile coverage for the territory of Belarus where 90% of the population live.

"The network that has been created by us is not the biggest one in Belarus”, remarked the company’s Deputy Director General, Sergey Poblaguyev. “We are the youngest GSM operator and for now we do not claim leadership. But we shall do our best".

The company’s representative believes that “BeST” network in Minsk is already “polyfunctional enough”. There is no problem with interaction with other mobile and pre-assigned network operators; the SMS traffic exchange has been organized.

As for the company’s tariffs, Sergey Poblaguyev said, “People are willing to pay only for the things that they really use. That is why we have no subscriber fee and the lowest in the Belarusian market cost of SMS services”.
The company is ready to work also with corporate clients to whom it offers the tariff “Mobile Corporate Phone Network”.

China has granted preferential loans to the close JSC “BeST” totalling $234.2 mln for the creation of its network’s infrastructure, purchase of equipment and software provided by Alcatel Shanghai Bell, Ltd (China).
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