Belye Rosy — to be continued

National Belarusfilm Cinema Studio shooting continuation of 1983 folk comedy based on Igor Dobrolyubov’s famous film, focusing on younger generation of Khodosy brothers
The plot of the new film sees Andrey Khodos returning to his village to settle on an isolated farmstead, after tiring of life in the big city. However, urban concerns soon catch up with him when a couple of young and enthusiastic businessmen arrive with plans to buy the homes of local residents, with grand construction in mind. To save his fragile world from destruction, Andrey helps his family, delving into his own roots in the process and cementing his relationship with village life. 

People’s Artist of the Lithuanian SSR Juozas Budraitis is taking the main role, alongside People’s Artiste of Russia Galina Polskikh, Andrey Merzlikin and Irina Yegorova. The cast includes Honoured Artist of Belarus Victor Manaev, as well as Belarusian Yulia Smirnova, Pavel Kharlanchuk-Yuzhakov and Sergey Zhbankov. The script has been written by Alexey Dudarev, Alexandra Butor and Yulia Gigel, with Ms. Butor, a graduate of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (Alexander Yefremov’s studio), is production director.

The full-length film began shooting in March and should appear on screens in spring 2014.
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