Belarusian animated cartoon to be presented in Indian festival

Belarusfilm National Film Studio to first take part in the 18th International Golden Elephant Children’s Film Festival, hosted by Mumbai from November 14th-20th
By Olga Pimenova

The Golden Elephant is one of the world’s largest and most impressive children forums. It is organised by the children’s cinema community of India — an autonomous organisation, which is subject to the Communications and Information technology Ministry of India. Experts assess nominees in three programmes: ‘Asian Panorama’, ‘Little Directors’ Contest’, and the ‘International Programme’. Out-of-competition demonstrations are also part of the event.

During the festival week 13 cinema houses will screen 154 films from 38 countries. The Belarusian nominee is an animated cartoon titled as Pilipka and directed by Tatiana Kublitskaya. The plot is based on a Belarusian fairy-tale: a little boy named Pilipka was so kind as to escape the clutches of the evil witch Baba Yaga, who felt mercy for the boy.

Several Belarusian cartoons will be also presented out-of-the competition programme. Those are Belarusian winners of multiple prestigious film awards and include the cartoons Yasny Sokol (Fair Falcon) by Irina Kodyukova and Kak Ya Sluzhil U Pana (My Work for the Landlord) by Mikhail Tumelya. Moreover, one of Belarusfilm’s latest works — the film Volk I Baran (Wolf and Ram) by Vladimir Petkevich will be presented in India.

In 2013, Belarusian cartoons were awarded prizes of the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia, as well as international festivals in Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.
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