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President of People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping pays a state visit to Minsk

Belarus and China are forming new level of joint development in relations

Close and fruitful Belarusian-Chinese interaction has achieved even a more advanced level, and each meeting between the heads of our states becomes some critical line after which collaboration is gaining greater dynamics. During the last visit of the President of Belarus to the People’s Republic of China, Minsk and Beijing have agreed to develop comprehensive strategic partnership, which is now filled with a wide range of joint projects in various spheres. The treaty on friendship and co-operation (a truly historical inter-state document) has become the major document of the current state visit by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, to Belarus. It legally fixes the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the countries while one of the key business results is that our country is becoming an important player in the implementation of the Chinese concepts: Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Ceremony of official meeting of President of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, by President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, at Independence Palace

The sequence of Mr. Jinping’s three visits forms clear logic. On May 7th, he visited Kazakhstan, then paid an official visit to Russia where he took part in the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of Victory in Moscow, and has finally arrived in Belarus on a state visit. According to the diplomatic protocol, this is the highest status of a visit to a friendly country by the head of the state — a very important sign. The People’s Republic of China is building a wide belt of good neighbourliness and mutually beneficial partnership, so it’s a true reason for pride that our country is in the orbit of China’s global interests. This absolutely coincides with Minsk’s views of its role as a reliable connecting link between Europe and Asia. This is beneficial for the country’ image and facilitates the strengthening of sovereignty while also bringing tangible economic benefits. Moreover, it ideally fits the ‘idea of integration of integrations’, proposed by Minsk, with the creation of the single trade-economic space from Vladivostok to Lisbon. In this case Belarus finds itself at a very busy and reliable intersection through which people and goods move, making it very important for investments. Meanwhile, the military topic added special warmth into the atmosphere of negotiations. Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the end of the Second World War are uniting factors. Our countries equally view the truth of those times, believing that falsification of history and glorification of criminals is unacceptable, as was openly and sincerely noted by the heads of state.


Alexander Lukashenko:

The Belarusian people and our state are proud of their relations with the great Chinese nation. When the West criticises Belarus for some of our positions, and sometime calls for isolation, I always bring our co-operation with China as an example, saying that no state can be isolated when it’s in good and friendly relations with the People’s Republic of China…

China has been and remains a good, close and reliable friend and a promising partner. The development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China is based on the principles of mutual respect, support and multi-faceted collaboration. High-level contacts and sincerity of intentions shape the long-term policy of the joint development of the two countries. We have only one goal which is to improve the well-being of our people. We don’t build our relations and our friendship against anyone or with an aim to harm anyone. Evidence of this is the Silk Road concept which will give a strong impetus to the development of all states involved, to their economies and consequently the well-being of people in those states.

Xi Jinping:

At present, Belarusian-Chinese relations are at an important stage of their development. I hope that my current visit will give a new impetus to further development of the bilateral relations at even higher level. Judging by the results of our fruitful negotiations, I can make the conclusion that the expected results have been completely reached… Our countries will co-operate and support each other in the issues which are of key importance for the two states on the basis of mutual respect and equality.

Over twenty various joint documents were signed during Mr. Jinping’s visit. Speaking to journalists about the results of the work, Mr. Lukashenko paid attention that Minsk and Beijing had agreed to continue close co-operation on international arena and to actively support each other in the issues, dealing with national interests, national security and sovereignty. In the sphere of business the two sides show readiness to shift accents from pure trade to the expansion of mutual direct investments and implementation of production projects, primarily, in the high-tech and innovative spheres which form the economy of the future of the two states. The Great Stone Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park is already under construction in Minsk, which harmoniously fits the Silk Road concept while becoming one of its key elements.

During the negotiations between the heads of state agreements have been reached regarding joint work on construction and modernisation of Belarus’ infrastructure, new schemes and mechanisms of inter-bank collaboration, opening of new credit lines, and the creation of modern manufactures in Belarus, involving large Chinese companies. There’re also plans in the sphere of military-technical co-operation. Moreover, expansion of tourist, educational and cultural exchanges was also high on the agenda. In total, there are almost no areas where Minsk and Beijing don’t have points of interests’ coincidence.

Obviously, inter-state interaction is based not only on economic motifs; they are rather the result of high political and human mutual understanding. Mr. Lukashenko and Mr. Jinping didn’t hide that they have been long connected by sincere personal friendship which is already a solid foundation for the substantial dialogue on any topic.

Belarusian-Chinese comprehensive strategic partnership continues, as is seen from the signed treaty on friendship and co-operation and from the joint declaration, signed by the heads of the two states. Mr. Lukashenko paid attention that real opportunity for at least double increase of the bilateral trade turnover is already seen nowadays due to the reached agreements. Moreover, Mr. Lukashenko and Mr. Jinping took part in the Belarusian-Chinese inter-regional business forum and attended the construction site of the Great Stone Industrial Park. Partnership continues while also being filled with more serious and precious content.

By Vasily Kharitonov

Worthily named as true friends

President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, speaks of Belarus’ political stability and progressive economic development in his article for SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper

Xi Jinping speaks at the forum

Mr. Jinping has noted, “Belarus is characterised by political stability, progressive economic development and social stability. We’re seeing improvement in the nation’s wellbeing and strengthening of the country’s international position. Under the leadership of President Lukashenko, the industrious and wise Belarusian nation is achieving new successes in the great mission of state building. Being a sincere friend of the Belarusian nation, I’m truly happy to observe this.”

According to the Chinese leader, significant progress has been evident over the past 23 years of Chinese-Belarusian diplomatic relations. We’ve established multi-sided strategic partnership and a five-year programme for Chinese-Belarusian relations, as well as an intergovernmental co-operative committee. He adds, “Our political mutual trust grows stronger every day, as does mutual support and co-operation across all spheres. Our successful collaboration allows us to assert that China and Belarus are true friends and reliable partners. China has already become Belarus’ major trading partner in the Asian-Pacific Region. Moreover, our bilateral turnover is growing; last year, it rose by 27.3 percent — despite an ambiguous situation in the global economy.”

The politician is convinced that, as regards major joint projects, Belarus is an important partner in the Eurasian region. Dozens of projects in the fields of communication, transport, energy and infrastructure construction are being realised. “The first results of social-economic development are evident: primarily, the Chinese Geely car production facility, construction of the Beijing Hotel in Minsk, and successful reconstruction of Minsk’s TPP-2 and TPP-5. In addition, we’ve jointly launched three concrete production lines and manufacturing of modern Chinese electric trains. Meanwhile, we’re enjoying a significant breakthrough at our Industrial Park, bringing to life our common dream of the development and rise of our two states,” Mr. Jinping notes.

In his article, the Chinese politician also speaks of WWII, noting, “Our nations cherish friendship and military fraternity — tied by blood shed jointly during the global war on fascism.”

The Chinese leader believes that efforts must be made to strengthen interaction within the international arena, while jointly protecting the peace we have enjoyed since WWII and fair global politics. He stresses, “The Chinese and Belarusian nations — who experienced much loss during WWII — will steadfastly protect their peace, paid for in blood. Being UN founding states, China and Belarus will work to strengthen co-operation and co-ordination within the UN and other international organisations, while contributing to the development of fair and rational international relations.”

By Vladimir Khromov
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