Being at the border of interests

A recent new Law ‘On the State Border of the Republic of Belarus’ has come into force

A recent new Law ‘On the State Border of the Republic of Belarus’ has come into force, with the most significant amendments tackling articles that regulate the stay of both people and transport vehicles in the border zone, aimed at reinforcing public and border security.

All citizens are obliged to have documents for entry, visit and movement within the border zone. For those who reside permanently in the country but aren’t yet 14 years old, this may be a birth certificate or other personal identity document; for the rest a personal identity document is required. Moreover, it’s forbidden to leave mechanical transport vehicles outside settlements within the border zone. Violators of this point will now face forced towing.

The Chairman of the State Border Committee, Leonid Maltsev, comments that there have been many changes to tackle the conditions for staying of people and transport vehicles in the zone. This is done in order to ensure control over violators near the state border, to prevent smuggling and illegal migration, i.e. for the security of the residents of the area. Nothing has changed for law-abiding citizens. The document also introduces considerable changes regarding the frontier belt; it is now used to ensure border security. All enterprises, both state and private, are allowed to do business within the area, but only under the supervision of border guards. The changes also tackle the order and reasons for imposition of administrative sanctions. Thus, some fines have been increased, and liability has been introduced for aiding in violating the state regime and allowing the entry of people without documents into the country. The new law also expands the powers of military personnel and customs authority officials, as well as internal affairs employees who work in state border protection.

By Ulyana Bushui

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