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Basketballers have eventually found recipe for victory

Minsk-2006 BC wins Belarus’ Cup Final Four once again

The Minsk squad has defeated Grodno-93 — 103:91. The decisive match of the second most important national tournament was hosted by the Palace of Sports. American legionary Justin Knox distinguished himself by earning 25 points and 6 rebounds. His countryman Courtney Eldridge also played well, earning 21 points; he was named the best player of the Final Four. This is the third trophy for the country’s leading club.

The Cup Final Four prepared Minsk-2006 well for its last match of the EuroChallenge group stage — Europe’s third most important tournament. In Turkish Ankara, the Belarusian champion took its revenge on local Turk Telekom — 78:76. Alas, this success didn’t help the team to change its tournament position, which has significantly worsened after two defeats — by Germany’s Telecom Baskets and by Turkish P?nar Kars?yaka. These two teams will continue to the play-offs while Minsk-2006 will continue its season in the VTB United League.

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