Back to the Future

International graduates from Belarusian universities gathered in Minsk
Foreign speech could be heard in the Belarusian State University. Cyprians, Iranians, Chinese returned to Minsk in order to prove that education is a two-way road. And the knowledge, received decades ago, can in a little while return in the form of a fruitful rain of investments. Apparently, 35 guests from 18 countries all of whom received their higher education degree in Belarus still speak Russian very well. The discussion was not only multi-national, but also productive in many ways. After the warm words of gratitude, the participants turned to the discussion of definite problems, ideas, projects.

Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus was interested in their opinion on different topics — from the extent to which the knowledge was relevant for their career to the peculiarities of Belarusian education. He had questions regarding international students and up-to-date subjects to study.

— It is your turn to help us, because there was time when we set you off, — thinks minister.

— Believe us, we have graduates who “fly high!” — smiled Mahinrad Siamak Allaxar, graduate of the Belarusian State Medical University from Iran. — Yesterday’s students are now successful business people, famous journalists, practicing doctors. We were lucky that even in the perplexed 1990s Bela-rus was a donor in the international educational process. Innovations? I have a couple of thoughts and suggestions — we would like to raise requirements to the international students. You always choose the best things, as far as export is concerned…

Ex-students are not only successful, but also prosperous people. And they are ready to invest their capital. In his turn, Alexandr Kosinets, deputy Prime Minister, suggested opening affiliates of Belarusian educational institutions in other countries.

— We are ready to admit up to 20 thousand international students, — claimed Alexander Kasinets. — However, we are expecting an increase in the mutual turnover of goods, joint-venture companies, and tourism development.

And much is returned with interest! For example, the director of the Belarus-Iran company, Mahinrad Siamak Allaxar is going to open the first in Belarus transport logistics center. The approximate investment value is 40 million US dollars!

— In fact, one of my feet is in Iran, the other is here, — says Iranian jokingly. — It has been so since my student times.
Munfaluti Abderazak from Morocco, who not only received his degree in Belarus, but also found his significant other, Elena, is ready to develop tourist relations between the two countries. “I have two children ant I’ve come back here to start business, ‑ shares his plans former student of the Vitebsk State Medical University. — Most of the Moroccan students are studying pharmacology here, because after they return to Morocco they can get a thousand and a half dollars from the start. It is a good salary in our country.”

This time only several dozens of the graduates came to Minsk. However, there a much more international graduates from Belarusian universities. Hundreds highly-qualified specialists are ready to give their knowledge as an investment. This chance should not be missed.

Right now there are 1500 international students from Russia, a thousand from China, and 700 from India as well as many international students from Lebanon and Syria. There are plans to start an international association of the Belarusian foreign graduates.

Alexander Somov
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