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Avant-garde declares itself at the top of its voice in large arena

The exhibition of modern art, Avant-gARTe: From Square to Object opened in Minsk
By Victor Mikhailov

The exhibition of modern art, Avant-gARTe: From Square to Object opened in Minsk with the assistance of the Ministry for Culture, the City Executive Committee, the Museum of Modern Fine Arts and the Centre of Modern Arts all during the running of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Belarusian avant-garde was formed by artists-experimentalists, who are well-known today in many countries around the world. From the beginning of the 20th century, many Belarusian cities, especially Vitebsk and Minsk, served as special laboratories of art; vanguard art schools existed here for a long time. And, just like a century ago, today’s domestic art is notable for its variety of experimental forms, absence of similarity, unilaterality and simplicity. In Belarusian art one cane feel a strong influence of such phenomenon, as ‘artistic generality’, which is rich in formal and figurative searches, and experiments. Artistic avant-garde revealed itself in paintings, architecture, design, music, theatre and cinema. It influenced the whole style of life of the 20th century. The comprehension of art and the culture of Belarus in its vanguard manifestations remain real even today, as an understanding of the sources of our modern culture.

The uniqueness of this project is that, for the first time, avant-garde works, underground, non-conformist, from 1910 to 1990, are consecutively and fully represented at the Museum of Modern Fine Arts. The pieces represent a single composition A Hundred Years of Belarusian Avant-Garde. The exposition of the exhibition of modern art — Avant-gARTe: From Square to Object — which opened in the building on the Prospectus of Pobediteley, 14, connects works of artists-avant-gardists of the 20th century and modern Belarusian artists of the 21st century, showing continuity of traditions and their development in painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, art-objects, design and photography. It gives visitors a chance to see the creative dynamics of Belarusian art in the 21st century. Formal and figurative searches, outstandingly revealed in works of the Belarusian underground during 1960-1970 and young artists in the 1980s, became a basis of modern Belarusian art, expanded its genre-visual spectrum, promoted development of experimental directions of creativity and synthesis of various kinds of arts. Showing works of modern Belarusian authors in a direct connection with the avant-garde of the 20th century, organisers of the project include it in a global context of the environment of European culture.

Exhibits from volumetric exhibition Avant-gARTe: From Square to Object

The basis of the exposition consists of work by members of the Belarusian Union of Artists (Minsk and regions), the Belarusian Union of Designers and young authors. The majority of pieces were made during the last few years; some key concepts are illustrated by exhibits from the collections from the country’s leading art museums and private collections.
An interactive project explains to spectators about new forms and actual tendencies in the modern art. It is not for nothing that the exhibition unites artists, designers and photographers from different regions of Belarus. It shows different pictorial, graphic, sculptural works, art-objects, installations, video-art, design, photo and the best art projects of the last ten years.
The project — A Hundred Years of Belarusian Avant-Garde — at the Museum of Modern Fine Arts, represents the vanguard associations of the 20th century, the creativity of artists-nonconformists. On the basis of various collections (both private and state) the project fixes a variety of art. It is an original attempt to build a chronology and present vanguard associations, to interpret the concepts of avant-garde as an integral part of Belarusian art.

The Artist and The City. is an open area on the Yakub Kolas Square; art in a public environment. In this way it becomes a more vivid and active component of city life. On the Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk one can find the third exhibition of reproductions on the theme ‘Artist and City’. This year it introduces painting and graphics of domestic authors from the collection of the Museum of Modern Fine Arts. The exhibition will be accompanied by lectures from art historians and culture experts, seminars, master-classes, screenings of documentary films, theatrical performances, concerts, demonstrations of collections of Belarus fashion designers and weekly meetings with Belarusian artists.
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