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In 2016, Belpochta to process airmail at Minsk National Airport

In 2016, Belpochta to process airmail at Minsk National Airport

“Recently, we opened the international postal exchange at Minsk National Airport. This is only the first stage of a major project. Next year, we plan to finish construction of the terminal, so that all mail arriving by air can be processed and pass customs registration directly at the airport,” explains Irina Saksonova, the Director General of Belpochta.

She notes that the project will allow rapid processing of international mail. “Previously, we had only one such office, at Vokzalnaya Street, which was inefficient. We had to deliver all international post from the airport to Vokzalnaya Street, using freight lifts to the third and fourth floors for processing, before delivery countrywide. Now, we aim to achieve everything in one location, on one level, as at major world logistic centres,” notes the Director General.

Ms. Saksonova notes that almost 30 percent of all incoming post arriving by air is already being processed at the new international postal exchange.

By Svetlana Mikhovich
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