"Another tree" of ulalum

Intresting but thorny way of an alternative musician
Ulalume is one of Edgar Allan Poe′s most dismal poems; it was the only thing the "singer of black ballads" wrote in the year his wife died.

It is also the name of a young, elf-like girl singer. Her first singles seemed childish (with titles like Shary-Rary (Bla-bla-bla) and In the Cinema) She is undoubtedly original and makes an immediate impression; she is rather like a cartoon heroine and has a comic charm — even in our office. "I prefer to perform my singles live regardless of whether the instruments are in tune or not," says Ulalume. "If you can use microphones which are not set up properly to match the musical instruments, you can sing anywhere! Of course, in the studio conditions are perfect but performing live is more genuine. Moreover, you can′t repeat or change something when appearing live."

— Why didn′t you go to music school and college as well as the Academy of Music? You never speak of it but I know that you compose music and write lyrics.

— I don′t like to advertise myself. As for my education — it makes little difference in the world of pop-music. Once you have graduated from a Conservatory, is there any sense in composing playful songs?! I think that there is — learning everything gives us the choice of choosing our own path. Our education and inner resources can only create half of a song — our creative activity is irrational — but miracles happen in life which shape my music. Sometimes, audiences love something that you would not think worthy of attention at all and sometimes it is quite the contraryЎ­

— Good. Now, tell me, please, what is Ulalume?

— Ulalume is me. It is my name, my nature, my life. It is black and white at the same time. Our life with its troubles and feelings is reflected in my serious songs, Breathe!, Fly and Why? If you want to bring a smile to your lips, whether you are in love or just feeling good, my playful songs fit the bill — In the Cinema, Shary-Rary and Accordion.

The path of an "alternative" singer is both interesting and difficult. You depend on radio programmes′ formats and they often reject alternative genres. By the way, what is your new project — the one nobody has seen or heard yet?

I don′t like the term "Project". I gain inspiration from appearing before an audience. The stage is the best place to embrace poetry, music and everything you have created in the studio during rehearsals. I live, talk, cry and laugh for my audience. Radio stations do present difficulties but they have the right to choose their own formats. The idea of alternative genres is really very interesting; perhaps the permanent search for this is the meaning of my life. If I stop searching, I′ll die inside. However, I do my best to compose songs that people will love and understand.

I understand that you aren′t fond of high society parties. Aren′t you interested in this part of show business? There is so much to see and you can show yourself off.

I have enough of this at concerts and shows. Thanks God, I have a job I like very much and I can express myself. I am working hard, writing lyrics, contacting my arranger, recording my vocals, thinking about my show and image and planning costumes. I have to plan my strategy to be a success. It would also be good if I had time to read more and listen to music; I also lack time to see my family and friends. The moments I do spend with them are priceless and I′ll never exchange them for parties.

Anna Shadrina
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