Andrey Kostitsyn chasing records

Montreal Canadiens’ forward Andrey Kostitsyn achieves the success shown by Vladimir Tsyplakov (named Belarus’ top ice hockey player in 1992, 2000 and 2002) regarding the number of goal passes in NHL regular championship matches

At present, both boast 101 goal passes each, sharing second position among Belarusian NHL players, behind Ruslan Saley (who perished in September in a tragic plane crash). The latter assisted 159 times across 917 matches: an achievement likely to remain unbroken this season. The only other contenders are Mikhail Grabovsky (88 passes resulting in goals across 249 games) and Sergey Kostitsyn (75 passes across 237 matches).

Remarkably, Andrey Kostitsyn and Vladimir Tsyplakov have played 331 matches each in the planet’s strongest league, to achieve 101 goal passes. The former has been with the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL championship for seven seasons, while Tsyplakov used to play for Los Angeles (1996-2000) and Buffalo (2000-2001).

Kostitsyn’s ‘sniper’ achievements are much weightier, having delivered the largest number of pucks (88); Tsyplakov boasts just 69. Andrey Kostitsyn is now aiming for 100 delivered pucks, 200 resultative points and the Belarusian forward record (currently belonging to Ruslan Saley — 204 points: 45+159). Andrey has earned 189 points already: 88+101. He is just 15 points behind Ruslan.

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