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‘Historical’ trolley bus ‘From Berestie to Brest’ now operating on streets of regional centre

Ancient and contemporary city

‘Historical’ trolley bus ‘From Berestie to Brest’ now operating on streets of regional centre
‘Historical’ trolley bus ‘From Berestie to Brest’ now operating on streets of regional centre

‘Historical’ trolley busBrest’s Regional Museum of Local History has launched its carbarn exhibition trolley bus, as part of events marking Brest as the cultural capital of Belarus. The museum’s director, Alexey Mityukov, tells us, “It is our gift to Brest residents and guests, reminding us of the city’s 1000-year history. We hope to stir interest and attract visitors to the museum.”

The museum on wheels’ photo-documentary exhibition is entitled Our City: Ancient and Modern. It displays 30 large shots of well-known historical sites, including information on city history, from the 11th century to the present time. In addition, postcards from the 1920s and 1930s are on show, as are drawings, and various archive photos, placed in chronological order (with corresponding modern day shots). There is an audio-guide for those keen to learn more.

Zinaida Kulsha, who created the concept for the exhibition, and who heads educational projects at the museum, tells us, “This isn’t an abstract excursion through the city: it tells the story of everything you see as you go by. We’ve tried to keep the commentary to within 20 seconds of what passes by, which was no easy task. Our colleagues from the trolleybus park have helped us achieve our goal.”

The Chairman of, Brest City Executive Committee, Alexander Rogachuk, emphasises, “Our year as cultural capital isn’t just about large-scale events; it’s important to nurture a cultural environment, encouraging a certain attitude towards the city. Every Brest resident will enjoy our trolley bus, which we plan to operate for a full 12 months, or, even longer.”

By Vladimir Velikhov
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