UNO member countries supported the initiative of Belarus on different ways of development of the states
In the UNO Headquarters at the meeting concerning inter religious dialogue and peace cooperation the Ministers of Foreign Affairs unanimously supported the initiative of Belarus proposing a necessity of existence of social systems’ diversity, cultures and ways of development of the states.

Later this event was fixed in the corresponding statement. In his appeal to the participants of the meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergey Martynov mentioned the efforts of Belarus towards improvement of inter religious and inter ethnic tolerance in the society on the basis of socially-oriented policy of the state.

The Minister of Belarus placed a special emphasis on the necessity of acknow­ledgement and promotion in the frames of international cooperation of the idea of the diversity of ways of progressive development of the states as a main factor of maintenance of world peace and security. For the first time this idea was expressed by the President of Belarus in 2005 at the UNO summit in September of 2005. Later it was echoed in the resulting document of the summit of the Heads of the states and governments who are members of the Non-Aligned Movement. According to the Belarusian representatives, it is reasonably to undertake measures on the international scale in the domain of assistance of inter religious dialogue and mutual understanding, namely Sergey Martynov mentioned expansion of educational and academic exchanges, usage of the newest information technologies and improvement of mass media responsibility.

During his visit to New-York the Minister of Belarus encountered with the Head of the foreign policy executive department of Jordan, Costa Rica, Kuwait and Republic of South Africa. The Ministers discussed the problems of the bilateral cooperation, including those in the domain of economics and trade, expansion of treatment and legislative base, as well as improvement of cooperation of the UNO in different domains.
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