Belarus entered a group of countries with a high level of human potential development
In the National press-centre took place a presentation of the Report on human development 2007/2008, entitled “Fight with climate change: human solidarity in the divided world”. The report is an independent research, prepared by the order of the UNO Development program. A Belarusian presentation of the Report became a part of a world presentation, which took place in the capital of Brazil in more than one hundred countries.

Based on the scientific conclusions of the Iintergovernmental group of experts on climate change, on economical arguments of the report “Economy of the climate change”, the authors of Report on human development 2007–2008 concentrated their attention on consequences of climatic change for human development. They continued the series of certain recommendations, and also the strategy of actions on climate change prevention on the national and international levels.

— A report approves that the climate change is not a hypothesis and reliable knowledge, — noted in his speech the caretaker of the United Nations Development Program Representative in Belarus Levan Buadze. — It is underlined in the Report, that none of the world countries should keep out of the joined efforts of the world community on decrease of greenhouse gas emission.

During presentation the latest data on human development index were declared. This year the country occupied the 64th place among 177 states and territories, included into the rating, and for the first time it entered a group of countries with a high level of development of the human potential. Besides, by this indicator it occupies the first place among CIS countries. There are Russia (67th place), Kazakhstan (73d place) and Ukraine (76th place) after Belarus.

Index of the human potential development is calculated on the basis of such indicators as duration of life, gross domestic product per capita and the level of education of adult population. These indicators indirectly include the level of socio-economical development of the country, the level of public health service and education, the level of social protection and many other factors.

As the Deputy Minister of the foreign affairs Viktor Gaysenok noted at the press-conference, for a year the index of the human potential development in Belarus increased and amounted to 0,804. At that the duration of life in the country increased by 0,5 years and reached 67,8 years. By this indicator Belarus is on the 106th place in the world. By the level of gross domestic product per capita Belarus occupies the 72d place, by the level of education of adult population — on the 33d.

“This is not simply advancement in the table, and transition into a qualitatively new category. This is essential achievement. This is an obvious result of development of our economy. This is also an answer to the question on correctness of choice of the country’s economical development”, — commented Viktor Gaysenok.

Viktor Rodionov
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