American Project Runway fashion contest winner returns home to work

Novopolotsk’s Dmitry Sholokhov, aged 33, who recently won the fashion designer contest in the USA, is launching a new collection, in co-operation with local brand O. Jen, for Belarus Fashion Week
By Natalia Yasinskaya

Dmitry has already worked with Calvin Klein, J. Mandel, Dominico Vacca, Ann Klein, and other New York based designers but is now developing a collection with the popular Belarusian manufacturer of women’s clothing, O. Jen.

Despite fame among the four million viewers of the TV programme and a $100,000 prize, Dmitry is keen to remember his roots.

Following the show, well-known model and TV figure Heidi Klum bought several items from Dmitry’s final collection on Project Runway. Judge Michael Kors, a fellow designer, is full of admiration for the ambitious newcomer’s silhouettes and judge singer Jennifer Hudson calls the quality ‘unrivalled’.

The unusual creative union for fashion houses from two different continents began with proposals from the Belarusian brand, which recognises Dmitry’s sophisticated style and has invited him to create a women’s range of evening and casual dresses, under the label ‘Dmitry Sholokhov for O. Jen’.

Dmitry is to visit Belarus and Russia to present his collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and at Belarus Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2013/14 — to be held this spring.

Dmitry tells us, “I’m really excited about the proposal to establish a joint collection with Belarusian O. Jen Company. I’m sure the fashion industry of Belarus has the potential to compete with the best western brands. It’s a great honour for me to present the collection in my home country.”
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