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Always full houses at home and on tour

Belarus’ National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre gives over 50 performances in Austria and Germany

The ballet troupe launched an unprecedentedly long tour on December 15th, in Austrian Vienna, with Swan Lake. Over 45 days of touring abroad, the Belarusian artistes have performed Swan Lake and The Nutcracker 51 times.

In Vienna, Bayreuth, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Hamburg, Mannheim, Berlin, Bremen, Kassel and other German cities, audiences highly praised the Belarusian ballet stars: People’s Artiste of Belarus Igor Artamonov, honoured artistes of Belarus Olga Gaiko, Lyudmila Kudryavtseva and Konstantin Kuznetsov, as well as international competition laureate Yekaterina Oleinik, and leading ballet dancers Oleg Yeromkin, Irina Yeromkina, Denis Klimuk, and Igor Onoshko — among others.

The Bolshoi Theatre troupe’s tour through Austria and Germany has been a triumph. Meanwhile, Belarusian audiences have been enjoying ballet performances in Minsk. For the first time in the theatre’s history, ballet shows have been performed on its stage at full scale.

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