Aiding entrepreneurial activity

Minsk authorities ready to grant certain privileges to private manufacturers

By Vyacheslav Lugovoy

At present, over 33,000 companies and 52,000+ individual entrepreneurs are working in Minsk. Such private business is responsible for a quarter of tax payments into the capital’s budget. However, the city authorities believe that this contribution could be increased, if the state responds appropriately to businessmen’s needs.

“There are about 3,400 private manufacturing companies in Minsk: 10 percent of the total number,” notes the Head of Entrepreneurship on Minsk City Executive Committee’s Economic Committee, Alexander Kalinovsky. “Of course, this figure is not large; over half of all businessmen focus on trade and public catering.”

Not long ago, district administrations asked heads of private industrial enterprises to complete forms, indicating which production facilities, land and loans their organisations needed. “We asked what help district and city authorities might render, to aid the raising of industrial production volumes and export deliveries,” explains Mr. Kalinovsky.

Over a hundred companies expressed a desire for land, to either rent or buy. Having analysed the possibilities, Minsk City Executive Committee admitted that it cannot allocate a requested 100 hectares near the ring-road. However, the Minsk Region is ready to help, with Minsk City Executive Committee’s Internet site having a form to download regarding land allocation (in the ‘Entrepreneurship’ section).

“Additionally, our site provides information on companies’ equal participation in building annexes to residential houses. This could be of interest to those providing services, trade and public catering. It enables this sector to realise investment projects,” adds Mr. Kalinovsky.

This year, Minsk City Executive Committee is to focus on developing support for small businesses — primarily, establishing business incubators. 18 similar sites already operate in Minsk, including three small business incubators. City authorities aim to open an incubator for the youth social service in each district in 2011, which will aid employment for the under 31s while teaching business processes. A production incubator is also to be launched in each city district, housed inside empty facilities.

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