Ahead of other districts

Minsk, Soligorsk and Nesvizh districts lead in socio-economic development

By Nadezhda Radivonova

The top three economic leaders in the Minsk Region see the Minsk District occupying first place, followed by Soligorsk and Nesvizh. District activities were assessed by various criteria, including figures per person employed in the economy and fulfilment of targets.

New assessment methods are being developed for 2011, with targets altered to focus on entrepreneurial spirit and initiatives. Proposals are being prepared to implement the Year of Enterprise  in the Minsk Region. “The boldest and most advanced ideas have been given the green light,” notes Alexander Turchin, the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee’s Economic Committee.

The last five years have been rather tense for the Minsk Region, but it has managed to amply fulfil several targets. A true breakthrough was seen in 2010. Over four years, industrial goods manufacture has risen 97.2 percent (up 145.9 percent over five years) bringing growth of more than 50 percent over a year. A similar situation is observed in the manufacture of consumer goods, investments into capital stock and the export of goods and services.

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