Advantages of new series evident in comparison to past efforts

Belarusian Railways constructing special workshop to manufacture locomotives

By Olga Belyavskaya

Belzheldorproekt enterprise has already launched design works, with Lida’s locomotive depot planning to produce 12 shunting diesel locomotives this year. The first Belarusian locomotive was created here in late 2010, involving Czech CZ LOKO. In February, all necessary tests to produce a prototype will be complete, with trial exploitation planned at Minsk’s locomotive depot.

The advantages of the new locomotive are its contemporary design, improved technical characteristics, enhanced security and comfortable working conditions for staff. With around 30 percent less fuel and up to 80 percent less oil used, the ‘green’ engines will have lower running costs; technical maintenance and repair will also considerably fall in price. It costs 60-70 percent less to produce a locomotive in Belarus, compared to leading European manufacturers’ similar models.

Belarusian Railways is considering assembly manufacture of two-axial locomotives in 2012, designed for light shunting operations. These may prove popular not only in the railway sphere; industrial enterprises, which currently use around 200 locomotives of various models, need modernisation.

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