A simple, and therefore effective, idea for science

Grodno scientists have developed the technology of thermal explosions using plasma energy
By Vladimir Samsonov

By means of this technology, suggested by physicists, it is possible to destroy concrete or stone constructions during the performance of rescue and salvage operations. This new method of dismantling concrete blockages has a number of advantages: it does not constitute a threat for people nearby, it considerably accelerates the process and moreover, it does not produce harmful chemical substances. According to the Deputy Dean of the Physical and Technical Department of Grodno State University, Vikenty Tarkovsky, the developed process of ‘electrohydraulic thermal explosions’ is rather simple, but highly effective and very safe.

Last year the technology was introduced at both the St. Petersburg forum and the Hanover industrial exhibition. One Belarusian drilling company has become interested in it. The method has successfully passed tests in the field. One tenant of the Grodno Techno-park, TechnoLab enterprise, intends to convert this technology into super-powered, compact mobile device.
According to Mr. Tarkovsky, electrohydraulic thermal explosion technology is very effective for a range of applications, including the rescue of people who are under blockages, for use in the mining industry, mechanical engineering, agriculture and medicine.
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