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Brest this year celebrated the 20th jubilee Belaya Vezha Festival

Two decades ago, a theatrical festival was born in Brest; now, it has international appeal, having attracted troupes from 55 countries over the years. The border city this year celebrated the 20th jubilee Belaya Vezha Festival, welcoming 21 teams from 13 countries, and amazing guests and city residents with a host of surprises.

Alexander Kozak, the Director of the Brest Academic Drama Theatre, is the chief organiser and director of the event. He tells us that the main performances at this year’s Belaya Vezha are by past Grand Prix winners, saying, “They are the best of the best. Many have come with new shows. This year, instead of awarding a Grand Prix, we’ll simply celebrate our jubilee; the organisational committee has decided not to appoint a traditional jury. We’ve invited famous theatrical critics though, from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia.”

Drama performances will account for most of the jubilee programme, with the festival opened by the Maxim Gorky National Academic Theatre’s Viva Comedia and closed by the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre’s Paulinka. In all, there will be 22 performances, staged largely in Russian and Belarusian. Some are in English, Lithuanian and Arabic, with subtitle translation. Polish and Ukrainian are not to be translated, as Brest residents know these languages.

The festival programme also includes master classes by Brest choreographic school alumni — on the basis of Me, You and Others: a show staged by Polish Biuro Podróży Theatre. The best participants are involved.

By Valentina Kozlova
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