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In H1 2015, Belarus’ Industry Ministry ensured positive dynamics of supply to 22 foreign countries
In H1 2015, Belarus’ Industry Ministry ensured positive dynamics of supply to 22 foreign countries

From January to May, supplies to Bulgaria rose 6.9-fold, while those to Latvia increased 2.6-fold, to the Netherlands — 5 fold, to Vietnam — 5.6-fold and to Afghanistan — 2.3-fold. Moreover, the growth rate of deliveries to Spain reached 145 percent (against the same period of the previous year) while those to Egypt rose 152 percent and dispatches to Tunisia rose 6.2-fold. The total volume of exports to these states was worth $8.7m, with $3.2m of goods supplied to seven promising new markets: Ireland, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Mali, New Zealand, Morocco and Columbia.

From January to June 2015, organisations affiliated to the Industry Ministry supplied goods worth $1.591bn, ensuring a positive trade balance worth $861.2m. Industry Ministry enterprises have ensured positive dynamics of supply to South-East Asia, with a growth rate of 175 percent, as well as to African states (up 104 percent) and to EU states (up from 15 percent growth to 25 percent). Not all forecasts have been fulfilled, with the export growth rate failing to reach 100 percent. By the end of the year, enterprises should ensure the fulfilment of their targets. Meanwhile, the Industry Ministry will continue working to create equal conditions within the single economic space for industrial enterprises. The tasks also include removal of restrictions for the supply of goods to the Eurasian Economic Union, reinforcement of customs protection for enterprises, and the creation of economic conditions for the expansion of holdings’ collaboration. The inclusion of export support measures and investment programmes for enterprises are also part of the 2016 budget.

By Alexander Pimenov

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