Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

November and December of decades and centuries past come to life

November 28th. In 1950, Belarusian artist Nikolay Kuzmich was born — a laureate of Belarus’ State Award, he created a copy of St. Yevfrosiniya’s Cross.

November 28th. In 1958, the first Hero of Belarus, Vladimir Karvat, was born. During a training flight on May 23rd, 1996, Colonel Karvat was forced to fatally crash land his burning plane, but managed to avoid the village of Bolshoe Gatishche (in the Baranovichi District).

November 30th. In 1899, People’s Poet of Belarus Mikhas Lynkov was born — an academician of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences.

December 1st. In 1929, Mikhail Lavrinovich — an organiser of the automobile industry — was born in the village of Telusha (Bobruisk District). He was an Honorary Citizen of Minsk and a laureate of the State Award of Belarus and the USSR State Award.

December 2nd. In 1879, Felix Statskevich was born in Shchuchin — a memoire writer and teacher. He lectured in Latin and headed Radoshkovichi’s Belarusian F. Skorina Gymnasium. He was among the founders of Belaruski Letapis magazine, working as its chief editor, and compiled the first Esperanto-Belarusian Dictionary.

December 3rd. In 1903, People’s Artist of Belarus Ivan Akhremchik was born. A gymnasium-college located on Minsk’s Makayenok Street is named after him.

Now December 4th. In 1874, Belarusian painter Lev Alperovich was born in Kurinets, in the Vilno Province. Around 50 of his works (watercolours and graphics) are now kept across our museums.

November 28th. In 1871, the Smolensk-Minsk-Brest railway section came into operation, making November 28th the official date of the launch of Belarusian Railways.

November 28th. In 1924, the Kuibyshev Leather Haberdashery Factory opened in Minsk — now known as Galanteya Company.

November 28th. In 1926, the Nemiga River dam was completed, connecting Romanovskaya Sloboda Street and the River Svisloch.

December 3rd. In 1960, the first ‘Minsk’ computer was produced at Minsk’s Ordzhonikidze Factory of Calculators.

November 28th. In 1996, the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus came into force (adopted at a Republican referendum on November 24th, 1996), with amendments and supplements.

November 28th. In 1996, the National Assembly’s House of Representatives and Council of the Republic were established.

November 29th. In 1924, the 1st All-Belarusian Local History Conference took place in Minsk.

November 29th. In 1930, Minsk City Council’s Presidium ruled to introduce obligatory seven-year studies for 12-16 year olds.

November 30th. In 1932, the Minsk-Orsha highway came into use.

November 30th. In 1962, the first specialised Young Technician shop opened in Minsk.

November 30th. In 1998, the Vladimir Korotkevich Cultural Centre opened in Orsha.

December 1st. In 1944, the Republican Lenin Library began its work.

December 1st. In 1984, Minsk’s Factory of Full-Colour Printing was established — becoming one of Belarus’ largest printing companies.

December 2nd. In 1921, Belarusian Republican Gosbank opened in Minsk — known as the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus since 1991.

December 2nd. In 1927, six buses arrived in Minsk from Austria, to service inter-city passenger routes.

December 3rd. In 1918, the Pedagogical Institute was established in Mogilev, at the local Teachers’ Institute — now known as the Mogilev Kuleshov State University.

December 3rd. In 1997, Mogilev’s Alexander Bendikov built a pyramid from 410,000 beer bottle tops, at Minsk’s Krinitsa Brewery — joining the Guinness Book of Records.

December 4th. In 1923, the BSSR Supreme Economic Council was established — a state body of administrative management and regulation of the major economic branches of Belarus (primarily industrial).

December 4th. In 1959, the Yakub Kolas State Literary-Memorial Museum opened inside the Minsk house where the People’s Poet of Belarus had lived from late 1944 until his death — situated within the National Academy of Sciences.
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