Posted: 09.03.2022 11:17:00

Zelenskyy is political victim of West, expert asserts

The President of Ukraine is a political victim of the West, political scientist and expert of Belaya Rus public association Piotr Petrovsky told BelTA

"Let us see. Why has Zelenskyy allowed the evacuation of citizens only in the direction of the European Union? Why has the EU leadership openly announced certain plans regarding the acceptance of citizens – naming the figure of 5-7m? I personally have an impression that Zelenskyy is not an independent figure today: external players – who are primarily interested in obtaining cheap labour in the European Union – are managing Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the civil administration and all relevant actions to solve their so-called demographic problems," Mr. Petrovsky said.

According to the expert, the President of Ukraine is an instrument of these external players. "He is unable to negotiate and even, unfortunately, does not understand his role as a sacred political victim of this whole system – when the West needs Ukraine as a source of cheap labour," Mr. Petrovsky stated.