Posted: 22.06.2022 14:41:00

Zas: threats to security of the state and society are still topical

Real threats to national security, individuals, society and the state are still burning – as stated by the CSTO Secretary General, Stanislav Zas, at today’s opening ceremony of the National Security. Belarus 2022 international security industry exhibition, BelTA reports

"In my opinion, a comprehensive security related exhibition is a very advantageous format, and it is especially relevant for small countries, like Belarus. It is difficult to do that on Russia’s scales. I am convinced this initiative will live on and become a good tradition. Of course, the attention of many countries is focused on what is happening to the south of us, in Ukraine. At the same time, other real threats to national security, individuals, society and the state have not gone away," Mr. Zas said.

In his opinion, these problems remain relevant, including for the CSTO member states. “Among them are informational, terrorist and biological threats. The problems of extremism and illegal drug trafficking are acute. When all these issues are addressed by technical achievements and developments, it should be welcomed. Of course, this all will benefit law enforcement agencies and special units that are tasked to minimise these threats," Mr. Zas concluded.