Posted: 03.05.2023 16:38:00

Zakharova said EU would harm itself if sanctions were imposed on Russian nuclear energy

Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted during a briefing that the European Union would only make things worse for itself if it decides to somehow limit co-operation with Russia in the field of nuclear energy, TASS reports


Maria Zakharova stressed that Brussels, as in the situation with gas supplies, would only make things worse for itself if it tried to impose restrictions on the peaceful atom.

The diplomat also added that in this case, not only the reliable supply of energy to European consumers, but also the nuclear safety of a number of power generation facilities in the EU member states may be at risk.

“Nuclear energy, despite all the disagreements within the European Union regarding attitudes towards it, remains a key element in the energy security of a number of countries of this particular association, and, accordingly, of the European Union as a whole. It is regrettable that some circles in the European Union are trying to politicise this area as well energy co-operation with our country, apparently at the same time clearing the market for American exporters of nuclear fuel and technology,” she stated.