Posted: 22.01.2022 11:45:00

Zakharova reproached Blinken for double standards

The official representative of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, reproached the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, for double standards regarding the discussion of the problems of Belarus without its participation. The corresponding message was posted in Ms. Zakharova’s Telegram channel

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The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman cited the US State Department’s statement, “The US insists that decisions should not be taken about Ukraine without Ukraine, about Europe without Europe, or about NATO without NATO.”

“Is it then possible to discuss the situation in Belarus without Belarus? Is it possible to count Venezuelan money without the Venezuelan government? Is it possible to distribute Russian gas across Europe without Russia?” Ms. Zakharova wrote, adding, “Half the time of the G7 summits is devoted to issues that are not within the jurisdiction of the G7, and no one has invited these states to solve the problems of other countries. That’s nothing – they are discussing," she noted.

“The partners got confused in ‘values’,” Ms. Zakharova concluded.