Posted: 12.04.2023 15:43:00

Zakharova: EU Peace Facility spent its entire budget to continue hostilities in Ukraine

In a year, the European Peace Facility (EPP) has spent its entire budget, calculated until 2027, ‘for the promotion of hostilities’ on Ukrainian territory – as stated by official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, RIA Novosti reports


As Zakharova noted, after the start of the special operation, the European Union, in fact, reoriented its European Peace Facility to supplying weapons to Kiev.

“More than 3.5bn Euros were allocated for these purposes in seven tranches. In fact, this has exhausted the EPP resources in less than a year,” she added, recalling that initially these funds were intended ‘for the so-called assistance to the security of all regions of the world until 2027’.

Meanwhile, as the representative of the Russian department underlined, the money went to the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine, and not to security. Zakharova drew attention to the fact that on March 13th, the EU states were forced to again contribute to the EPP budget. She suggested that this time again, European taxpayers’ money ‘will be swallowed up by the Ukrainian black hole and the American military-industrial complex’.