Posted: 12.02.2024 10:38:00

Zakharova: Belarus-Russia foreign policy co-ordination reached unprecedented level

Foreign policy co-ordination between Belarus and Russia has reached an unprecedented level – as stated by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, according to the information published on the Foreign Ministry’s website


Maria Zakharova underlined, “Our foreign policy co-ordination with Belarus reached an unprecedented level last year. The foreign policy co-ordination programme of the Union State Treaty parties for 2022-2023 was successfully completed. A new similar document has been adopted for 2024-2026.”

It is noted that in the context of the West’s provocative strategy towards the two countries, Minsk and Moscow took additional measures aiming to reinforce the Union State defence and security, including the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarus’ territory.

“Significant progress has been achieved in the formation of a single economic space, enabling us to increase mutual trade turnover and transshipment of Belarusian exports using Russian transport infrastructure. The construction of the Belarusian NPP has been completed. New consulates general have opened: that of Russia – in Grodno and that of Belarus – in St. Petersburg,” added the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.