Posted: 18.05.2022 13:39:00

Yanchevsky: President Lukashenko has been supporting digitalisation for many years in a variety of ways

In Belarus, digitalisation has been supported by the Head of State for many years in a variety of ways – as noted by Director of the Hi-Tech Park Vsevolod Yanchevsky during the international digital forum #GBC, BelTA reports


“There is a lot of talk about digitalisation, and today’s forum is no exception. The event brought together not only those who speak about this, but also those who promote it. Digitalisation makes a range of familiar things unnecessary while making unusual things necessary. Digitalisation makes our life more convenient and better, but not immediately. At first, there is a difficult process of adaptation,” noted Mr. Yanchevsky.

He said that digitalisation in Belarus has been supported by the Head of State for many years in a variety of ways.

“Along with the Government, the National Bank and the key specialised Ministry of Communications and Informatisation, which generate many excellent and breakthrough technologies, the Operations and Analysis Centre under the President and its enterprises have become the most powerful digitalisation engine. This was the peculiarity of Belarus, which brought brilliant results: friendly and well-coordinated work of state structures,” added the HTP Director.

The Hi-Tech Park represents the private sector of the IT community, uniting more than 1,000 residents, with around 500 implementing projects inside Belarus. The best developments bring profit to Belarus in the form of exports.

“Many HTP residents participate in the forum, and this is a great way to join the problem of digitalisation in the country and offer their own methods for solving them. Uniting the efforts of private business and the state will bring good results. Together we try to help society move into the future. Digital technologies make our life peaceful, calm and convenient,” summed up the HTP Director.

The 2nd international digital forum #GBC (Government. Business. Citizens) started today at the National Library of Belarus under the slogan Achievements of the State and Business for Citizens. The purpose of the event is to create dialogue platforms for strengthening co-operation and finding new solutions that can increase the effectiveness of interaction between the state, business and citizens, as well as to present Belarus’ achievements in the field of digital transformation.