Posted: 30.11.2021 11:32:00

Worst fruits to eat when you have a cold

Those who have a cold should better not to eat bananas and grapes since these fruits can aggravate the course of the disease – as doctors told the Belarus 1 TV channel


“Too much sugar is contained [in bananas and grapes] which contributes to the growth of pathogenic microflora. This should be avoided during a cold,” nutritionist Svetlana Kashitskaya warned TV viewers.

“Another reason is that an unhealthy body may have a disturbed digestive system. [Bananas and grapes] will increase fermentation – producing another problem with the intestines,” doctor Valery Chesnov added.

In addition, Ms. Kashitskaya noted that bananas are a heavy food. They take a long time to digest and give an additional load on the digestive tract, which is dangerous in case of bad colds.