Posted: 20.01.2022 11:46:00

World dystopia

From global war to AI takeover: think tanks make dark predictions for 2022

Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, people ‘get hooked’ on all sorts of astro predictions and ‘fortune-telling’. Our readers, of course, are far from such mystical ‘analytics’ and are more inclined to study the forecasts of risks and challenges of key investment funds, corporations and think tanks. It is their publications at the beginning of each year that give a clear understanding of how the leading ‘decision-making centres’ see the development of the situation in individual states, regions and on world markets.It is important for us not only to set out the entire list of forecasts, but to collect the most negative scenarios: this approach allows us to understand how the global political and financial establishment is ready to change the world in their own interests.

Scenario No. 1. Global war

The key apocalyptic model of the future for 2022 is, of course, the escalation of disagreements between key centres of power into a global war of the superpowers. Such a scenario for 2022 was predicted by the Bloomberg media corporation. At the same time, the publication indicates that the form of war can be different, including the escalation of the trade, economic and financial confrontation between China, the United States and Russia.
The real armed conflicts can arise on the contact lines of the superpowers’ control zones. The forecast names Turkey, Brazil. Other publications included the countries of Central Asia in this list.
By the way, we see that the events in Kazakhstan at the beginning of January 2022 fit exactly into the forecasts of the media giants. It seems that they already knew where it would blaze.
If control over Kazakhstan is established by Western decision-making centres, a blow will be dealt to the integration projects of Russia and China in the Eurasian space.

Scenario No. 2. System failure

The second worst scenario named by Saxo Bank experts is a global disruption in the telecommunications system due to hacking, which can lead to global failures in air and rail traffic, electricity and water supply.
Some countries and entire regions may be cut off from ‘civilisation’ and plunge into chaos and confusion. Such a development of events can lead to the actual collapse of state institutions of power and ‘bring to the arena’ military or criminal groups. They will control the distribution of the main scarce resources (water, food, electricity, heat).
After its testing in weak regions, such a model of controlled chaos can be implemented in strategically important areas (Europe, the Eurasian space, the Asia-Pacific region) and cause a wave of revolutions.

Scenario No. 3. Crises and defaults

The third negative scenario, according to Bloomberg analysts and investment fund experts, may be a sharp deterioration in the financial and economic balance in the United States and in the world economy as a whole.
The system is expected to go haywire amid high inflation and monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve. In simple words, inflation will be the highest since the 1970s, and the cost of credit money will become sky-high. All this will lead to the collapse of the economies of many developing countries, especially those that depend on external debt.
There will be defaults of sovereign (state) debt, collapse of national currencies, total impoverishment of the population, mass protests with riots, robberies and violence against the background of a general humanitarian disaster (hunger, lack of medicines, water, heat). All this can lead to the formation of conditions for a civil war in various regions of the planet.

Scenario No. 4. Climate and geophysical weapons

The fourth negative scenario for 2022 identified by the RAND Corporation includes environmental and energy disasters caused by the use of climate weapons. According to the experts of the corporation, the superpowers, pursuing their geopolitical goals, may switch to the active use of climate and geo-weapons against their rivals in 2022.
This can lead not only to atypical weather conditions (hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions), but also to the use of brand new technologies in this area. In particular, the forced closure of entire states and regions from sunlight for long periods of time (due to the so-called dirty clouds).
The use of such ‘weapons’ makes it possible to plunge countries into darkness, depriving them of the opportunity to engage in agriculture and typical life activities, which can lead to the deepest socio-economic crises.

Scenario No. 5. Super control

The fifth place is given to the scenario for which we have been prepared for a long time. It is about the seizure of control over nuclear weapons and machines by artificial intelligence. Some analysts assign the same place in the rating to hypersonic weapons, which have already changed the balance of power in the world. 
Their further development will lead to a new arms race and ‘testing’ of such weapons in some external battle grounds (third states).
In general, 2022 is called the year of revolutions and global shifts in changing states as institutions of power. In this regard, the Belarusians feel the blackness of all these military and revolutionary scenarios more than ever. The main thing is to prevent their implementation on our land and to make the right choice in February 2022 in favour of stability and prosperity.

By Aleksei Avdonin, BISR analyst
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