Posted: 10.11.2021 17:38:00

Women's Union appeals to European officials

The Grodno regional organisation of the Belarusian Women’s Union has posted its appeal to European officials. The ladies are now rendering possible assistance to refugees and cannot remain silent on seeing what is happening at the border. Below is the text of their appeal.

Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Why are you keeping silence, dear gentlemen, when Polish security forces are using tear gas against defenceless children, women and families of refugees from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan who are freezing from the cold on the Polish border?             

Why are there no angry voices addressed to the Polish authorities who are openly flouting international laws, norms and rules, numerous directives and resolutions of the human rights summits which are so beloved by Europeans?

Maybe you don't consider these unfortunate refugees to be people?

How can the fact be explained that you support the fugitives – who tried to stage a coup in Belarus in August 2020 – at the expense of your countries’ taxpayers while being ready to starve and freeze to death in the forests on the border those who are fleeing from the war you unleashed?

Where are your European values?

Where is humanism?

Where is the protection of human rights?

You are so fiercely teaching this to us, Belarusians, with the help of sanctions.

Why are numerous human rights organisations in Europe and America keeping silence?

It's time for them to give their voice for defence of rights of children and women.