Posted: 25.10.2023 12:15:00

Where is the most beautiful autumn in Belarus

Rustle colourful leaves, breathe in the mists over dewy meadows and harvest the sweetest apples — a very romantic time of year is coming in Belarus


Ozertso (Minsk Region)

When in Russia you need to go to the North, to Onega Lake in order to enjoy the wondrous beauty of wooden architecture, then in Belarus everything is simpler.
The huge Skansen museum is located just a couple of kilometres from the bustling capital — in the village of Ozertso. Here you can travel back in time and see what a Belarusian village looked like at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Dozens of huts and outbuildings, mills, taverns and even three churches from different regions of the country were literally ‘transported’ to the museum. Everything is real — there is no remake!
Rituals and folk holidays is the main zest. They are organised not for fun, but to preserve traditional Belarusian culture. The bright performance with folk songs and round dances looks especially interesting in muted autumn colours.

Aleksandr Kushner


People usually think about this place closer to winter, when the ski season begins. But it is in autumn that the landscape impresses with its unique picturesqueness. The hills with steep slopes are covered with mixed forests — dark green coniferous patches are diluted with the gold of deciduous trees. The perfect backdrop for spectacular photos!
In the centre of Logoisk there is a park in the English style, founded in the first half of the 19th century. Hidden in the shade of the trees is a picturesque cascade of waterfalls with a fountain. Here you can also find the ruins of a luxurious mansion, part of outbuildings and an unusual arched bridge. Local residents believe in the legend that the wealth of the Tyshkevich count family, who owned Logoisk for four centuries, is buried in the park.


One of the most beautiful parks in Belarus is named after the commander Alexander Suvorov. This is no coincidence: at the end of the 18th century, the Generalissimo owned the Kobrinskiy Klyuch estate. The house where Alexander Vasilyevich lived and the temple where he often visited for services have been preserved here.
According to legend, Suvorov, known for his Spartan lifestyle, could even plunge into the icy water in the pond in the heart of the park even in the fall. Whether this is true or not, no one will know. In any case, you should come here not only for fascinating stories from the life of the famous commander. A special pleasure is to admire the autumn foliage that covers the mirror-like surface of the water. The park also has very exotic inhabitants — peacocks. You can see marvellous birds with luxurious tails even in winter.


Dubichno (Malorita District)

In the Belarusian tradition, oaks are considered the ‘axis of the world’. You readily believe this when you see centuries-old giants: the roots go several meters underground, and the crowns seem to support the sky.
The oldest trees are located in the southwest of the country — in the Malorita District near the village of Dubichno. Living giants in the forest thicket are immediately visible. For example, the height of the Tsar Oak is 46 metres (a fifteen-story building!). According to one version, his age is more than eight hundred years. Not far away, the Patriarch Oak spread its branches. He is a little younger and shorter, but radiates the same powerful energy. Many tourists take acorns from oak forests as souvenirs: what if they manage to sprout them at home?

Zhilichi (Kirovsk District)

If you want to plunge into the high society atmosphere, you are welcome to the Belarusian Versailles — a luxurious palace in Zhilichy. Ignatius Bulgak, a participant in the Napoleonic wars, was so impressed by the Parisian chic that upon returning home from a campaign abroad, he ordered the restoration of a magnificent estate, ‘like the French themselves’.
A large-scale restoration was completed here for the bicentenary. The rich decoration of the interior decoration of the halls literally dazzles the eye — the ceilings and walls were restored according to the original drawings and sketches. Outside, the palace is framed by an old park: the foliage on the trees has already begun to change colour from emerald to gold. It seems that the suburbs of St. Petersburg have a worthy competitor.

By Sofia Arsenyeva