Posted: 09.06.2022 09:34:00

West is not concerned about the hungry, expert asserts

The West now aims to stand ground in confrontation with Russia and Belarus, political expert Vadim Borovik believes

In his talk with the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio, the expert noted that there is now a global redistribution of the world, and it will always be painful. However, this will not be the case for the collective West which has actually launched it, Mr. Borovik is convinced.

“If you think that the West is worried about the hungry, then you are wrong. They will not starve, and this is the key point. It is now the summer period, and the West has time to buy food, oil products, and gas. Meanwhile, in the third world countries about which it is so supposedly worried, the number of hungry people will simply increase. The task of the West is to stand ground in its confrontation with Russia and Belarus," the political expert explained.

Mr. Borovik added that, in the current situation, the Union State should be able to create conditions for the Western countries that will affect their socio-political stability. “This may lead to some positive results,” he noted.