Posted: 15.12.2021 13:17:00

West is afraid that Belarus may be viewed as country with alternative development model

This idea was shared by political scientist Piotr Petrovsky in his talk to Alfa Radio

The way the fight against coronavirus is organised in the West and in Belarus clearly demonstrates our differences. Money rules everything there, while – in our country – qualified medical care is provided to all, which well proves another time that Belarus is a welfare state, Mr. Petrovsky stressed.

“What are they afraid of in the West? Belarus can be considered as a country with an alternative model of economic development, when the state basically redistributes income towards social services so that they are available,” the expert stressed. “Now let’s look at the collective West. They actually have no infectious diseases hospitals. They have insurance medicine at best – that is, access to medical services is limited in a certain way and depends on insurance and income. The number of beds available at hospitals is many times less per capita than in Belarus. In Italy, for example, there are only 4 hospital places for 1,000 people, while there are eleven beds for this number of patients in Belarus. We are among the best countries in the world regarding this indicator. Actually, this envisages not simply a hospital bed but also medical personnel and the relevant infrastructure. However, they do not want to restore their medicine but guide people along a different avenue – introducing forced vaccination and QR codes. Those who fail to get vaccinated will be caged – like in a concentration camp.”