Posted: 08.04.2022 15:33:00

West demonstrates intellectual impairment and courage

Political expert Aleksei Dzermant shared his views with Alfa Radio

“Western countries will continue to escalate the situation and impose sanctions on Russia and Belarus until they personally feel very serious losses – for themselves, their economies and businesses. Meanwhile, there are already such losses, and their citizens are also showing discontent. Western politicians do not know for sure what their sanctions can lead to, but since they have already introduced them, they need to save face. They will continue to take these measures to their detriment – thus demonstrating unity and fearlessness. Interestingly, it was them who brought the situation to such a catastrophe. They are suffering – but still continue to insist on a sanctions policy. It is called intellectual impairment and courage. We all understand that – despite their formidable promises – there will not be a transition to the green economy, and they will not be able to find the necessary volumes of gas, for example. The situation is heightened, but normalisation will soon follow. Many countries will start to show reasonableness,” Mr. Dzermant stressed.