Posted: 27.09.2021 10:19:00

War history on paper

A new album dedicated to the Brest Fortress history presented in Brest

The Brest Fortress. History and Memory book was published on the eve of the jubilee: the 50th anniversary of the memorial complex. Its photos and texts enable readers to learn of what happened in the fortress in different epochs – starting from the 19th century until modern times. Many diverse documents and research materials were used to compile 111 pages of the album which features more than 170 photos and details of 40 people.

A copy of the book has been presented to Belarus’ Culture Minister, Anatoly Markevich, who stressed a significant place of the Brest Fortress in our country’s cultural heritage, “The symbols of our unity, heroism and respect for the past are rooted here. Passing through the territory of the Brest Fortress, it’s hardly possible not to think about the fragility of our modern world and the need to value life in our sovereign and peaceful country. Thanks to different generations of the complex’s employees, people now know the truth about the Great Patriotic War. They are filled with patriotism and understand a great role of everything which was done by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.”