Posted: 06.07.2022 13:34:00

Volodin: US is involved in COVID-19 pandemic and must compensate countries for losses

The United States of America must compensate the countries that have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, because it is the United States that is to blame for the spread of COVID-19 – as stated by Vyacheslav Volodin, the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, commenting on the statements of the US scientist and chair of the Lancet COVID-19 commission Jeffrey Sachs, who accused the United States of the pandemic, TASS reports


Vyacheslav Volodin stressed that the United States should be held responsible for the consequences of COVID, such as deaths of people, the economic crisis and falling living standards. “The United States is obliged to compensate all the states affected by the pandemic for the losses incurred,” said the Speaker of the State Duma.

He drew attention to the fact that, according to the American scientist Jeffrey Sachs, the coronavirus was created in American biological laboratories after several years of study.

“Today, when such accusations are made, US President Joe Biden is silent. He is afraid that the world will find out the truth about the true culprit of the pandemic,” he stressed.