Posted: 02.09.2022 16:39:00

Volodin: sanctions against Russia resulted in energy crisis in EU

Sanctions against Russia are affecting the European economies, and – as posted by the Speaker of Russia’s State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in his Telegram channel – the actions of European countries are leading these states to an energy crisis


The politician believes the sanctions against Russia have led European countries to gas shortages. "French President Emmanuel Macron tried to solve this problem during his trip to Algeria, but to no luck,” Mr. Volodin stated. According to him, the lifting of illegal sanctions and the launch of Nord Stream-2 could become a way out of the current difficult situation for the EU. Mr. Volodin explained that – if Europe fails to take this step and decides to leave everything as it is – this ‘will lead to big problems in the European economy and complicate the lives of citizens’.

The politician also added that if the European Union exports gas from Africa, the Middle East and the CIS, it will still not be able to compensate for 62.8 percent of the volume previously supplied from Russia.