Posted: 18.06.2024 16:41:00

Volfovich on new criteria for assessing political security risks

The State Secretariat of the Security Council has developed a draft presidential decree on the implementation of the National Security Concept of the Republic of Belarus. The document was presented to President Aleksandr Lukashenko at today’s meeting of the Security Council at the Palace of Independence and was generally supported – as noted by State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich after the meeting.

Aleksandr Volfovich stressed that – taking into account the emergence of new risks, challenges and threats in the political sphere – new criteria have appeared, enabling to make a more objective, realistic and reliable assessment of the situation in the political sphere in order to develop appropriate solutions in this area of activity.

“In general, there are five indicators left, as it was before. However, in addition to them, there are over 25 criteria that today give a more realistic picture. For example, percentage ratios have appeared according to criteria such as public confidence in the Head of State, trust in government and other public administration institutions. These are specific techniques based on scientific developments,” the State Secretary of the Security Council explained.

The President Administration is the main co-ordinator of assessments in the political sphere. Other structures – over ten ministries in total – also take part in the work: the State Security Committee (KGB), the Information Ministry, the Interior Ministry and others. It is their assessments that the Belarus President Administration accumulates and analyses, which then offers its assessment in the political sphere for approval.

The State Secretary of Belarus’ Security Council also added that not only the situation inside the country is constantly being analysed, but also what’s happening beyond our borders. It is also one of the criteria for assessing political security.

“The criteria for assessing the foreign policy situation (what is happening abroad and the threats that are being formed in relation to our country) in the political sphere outside our borders are also taken into account,” he added.

Moreover, new indicators have appeared in a new area: biosecurity. Five strategic directions have been identified, according to which certain solutions will be developed. The Healthcare Ministry has been designated as the co-ordinator.

“I think the innovations that have been reported at the today’s meeting of the Security Council will give a more complete and objective assessment of the state of national security,” Mr. Volfovich summed up.