Posted: 22.12.2023 15:21:00

Volfovich: most important goal of Our Children campaign is to give children a sense of purpose

This was stated by State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich during a festive event, held at the centre for special education and rehabilitation in Mosty

According to the centre’s head, the facility boasts a barrier-free environment, as well as all the conditions for comprehensive assistance to children with special needs. Currently, 19 youngsters are receiving help at the institution, 26 children are receiving correctional pedagogical assistance, and three more are receiving early comprehensive assistance. Children are provided with educational, pedagogic, medical and correctional services.

After the tour, the State Secretary of the Security Council noted that he was impressed by the work of the centre. He also congratulated the children and their parents on the upcoming holidays and presented them with computer equipment and sweet gifts.

“All conditions have been created in Belarus for the development and upbringing of children, as well as providing assistance to those who especially need it. Children are the future of any country. It is always helpful to give children more attention. Such holidays once again encourage adults to open their hearts and share warmth and kindness, so employees of the State Secretariat constantly participate in the Our Children charity event, trying to create an atmosphere of the approaching holiday during these New Year’s days and making boys and girls a little happier. We are not magicians and are not always able to cure a serious illness or give the warmth of a parent’s hearth, but we are able to at least a little warm the hearts and souls of these youngsters, instill confidence in their abilities, make them believe in themselves, and feel needed in this world. In my opinion, this is the most important goal of the Our Children campaign. The attitude towards all children in Belarus has always been very friendly, because children are the most sacred, the kindest thing in the world today, and they must be treated with love,” stressed Aleksandr Volfovich.